FRP has been providing structural engineering design services since 1944. The firm draws on its extensive and diverse experience along with current technology to develop structural solutions that are both sensitive to the desired architecture and economical.

Due to our experience and the size of our structural engineering staff, FRP is capable of producing thoroughly detailed construction documents within a short time frame. Our construction documents are well detailed to minimize initial construction costs, change orders and construction delays.

Architectural Freedom of Expression
FRP is committed to the design of structures that reflect the creative vision of the architect.
FRP understands how to work with the owner and the architect to achieve the desired results in an economical manner.

Major Project Experience
Our structural engineering experience on complex projects, both large and small, covers the past five decades.
We understand the unique demands of complex, signature architectural projects and are committed to meeting these demands by fostering excellent working relationships.

Economical design
We select and design structural systems for projects that provide a safe and economic structure.
Our structural solutions not only satisfy the functional, architectural and mechanical requirements, but do so in an economical manner.

Well-detailed construction documents
Fewer change orders means projects can be completed on time and on budget.
They are vital to the successful completion of a design/build or conventional project.
Avoid the expenses and frustrations of incomplete or poorly planned documents.
More competitive bidding is a result.

Commitment to Communication
We believe thorough communication is essential to deliver a complex project successfully.
We ask the appropriate questions at the appropriate times to appropriately assist with the development of design concepts.

Structural design, Investigations, Restoration, Seismic Assessment.

National Architects as Clients:
CH Guernsey (Oklahoma City, OK)
CUH2A (Princeton, NJ)
E.L. Barnes (New York, NY)
Ehrenkrantz & Ekstut (New York, NY )
Ellerbe/Becket (Minn. and Kansas City)
Hastings & Chivetta (St. Louis)
HKS, Inc. (Dallas)
HNTB (Kansas City)
HOK (St. Louis)
HOK Sport (Kansas City)
HPP (Dallas)
KCF (Washington, DC)
KPF (New York, NY)
KPF (New York, NY)
Lohan Associates (Chicago)
MGA Partners (Philadelphia)
Michael Graves (Princeton, NY)
NBBJ (Columbus, OH)
Pei Cobb Freed (New York, NY)
Robert A.M. Stern Architects(New York, NY)
Sasaki (Watertown, MA)
Smith Group (Washington, DC)
VOA (Chicago)