Academic Health Center Central Energy Plant
Bloomington, IN

This Central Energy Plant, which supports the IU Health Regional Academic Health Center, houses the utilities equipment to support the new Hospital, Clinic, and Educational Facility buildings at the campus. The CEP contains emergency generators, boilers, chillers, fire pumps, and electrical gear among other utility equipment. The building is two stories with a mezzanine.

The building is steel framed, with concrete slabs on composite steel deck on the elevated levels, and architectural precast concrete panel exterior walls. There is also a cast-in-place concrete retaining wall on the west side of the building where the grade is approximately 15' higher than the ground floor. The building contains a hoist beam above an access point on the west side to lift materials to the second level, as well as hoist beams above the chillers. The spread footings for the building bear directly on bedrock.

A retaining wall topped with a steel framing backed architectural screen wall encloses a courtyard area north of the building. An elevated steel frame within the courtyard supports the cooling towers and an access platform level. The building and cooling tower platforms are designed for future additions to the east.

Project Details: Size 23,000 GSF | Project Completion 2020