Cook Hall Basketball Development Center
Bloomington, IN

This facility serves as headquarters of the IU men's and women's basketball programs. It houses two full size practice courts, locker rooms, strength training facilities, and offices. Adjacent to and connected to Assembly Hall by a tunnel, it provides players 24/7 access to practice space and conditioning equipment. It also features the Legacy Court, an interactive hall-of-fame like showcase of the history of Indiana University Basketball.

The roof structure consists of 153 foot free-span, cast-in-place concrete arch-frames spaced at 24 feet. The concrete arches are 2 feet thick and a maximum of almost 9 feet deep at the "knees". Below grade the arches are supported by 3 foot by 12 foot concrete buttresses that are anchored into the limestone bedrock with 125 ton prestressed rock anchors. The anchors allow the buttresses to resist outward thrust from the arches and, along with the unique arch profile and deep "knees", allow the concrete span to act as a hybrid arch-frame that required only conventional reinforcing.

Project Details: Size 67,000 GSF | Project Completion 2010