Indiana University School of Law
IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

The IU School of Law building includes classrooms, a library, moot court and mock trial rooms, a clinical center, and offices and student services. The building was sited to serve as a significant campus gateway, and the design of the new law school reflects both the solidity and civic role of the legal system, and the modern, high quality character of this campus. Internally, the building is anchored by a central atrium to provide an easy means of orientation and a focal point for the school community.

Teaching spaces are varied for Socratic, case study, seminar and legal research methods. The library facilitates the increasing array of hard copy, electronic and audiovisual/interactive research sources and materials. In addition to library use, advanced technology are integrated for instructional, communications and administration uses. The building defines the eastern edge of the campus and is visible from the campus as well as from downtown and canal areas.

Project Details: Size 185,000 GSF | Project Completion 2000