Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grandstand Renovation
Speedway, IN

The project consisted of renovations and improvements to several existing grandstands at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. New seating was installed, and Stands A & B and the Paddock Grandstands received ADA compliant seating, three additional rows of seating, and a new roof structure. Six new camera platforms were hung from the new roof structure to allow races to be filmed while reducing visibility obstructions for fans.

An extensive renovation of Stand C (Hulman Suites) was also completed, in which 18 of the existing suites were demolished and a single club suite with outdoor bar was constructed. The remaining nine existing suites were completely renovated and modernized, and seven elevators were added on the outside of the grandstands. Six of the new elevator shafts also had accompanying stair towers constructed with access walkways to the grandstands.

A new entry Gate 1 canopy structure and plaza was also added at the Crawfordsville Road roundabout outside the southwest corner of the speedway to provide a grand entrance. The canopy structure was designed to mimic the new roof structure that was added to A Stand, B Stand and the Paddock Grandstands.

Project Details: Project Completion 2016